The story of our adventure in Spain

In October 2002 we purchased a holiday flat in Guardamar on Spain's Costa Blanca - not far from Alicante and Torrevieja and we try to spend a good part of the year in Spain.

This blog hopefully will contain our thoughts and impressions of Spain - the good and the bad and lots and lots of photographs of not only Guardamar but the rest of Spain as we eventually get to explore it.


Thursday, 15 April 2010


Flights from the UK to Spain have been seriously disrupted today and all due to a volcano in Iceland.

A volcano in the Eyjafjallajoekull area not too far from Reykjavik has erupted under a glacier and the resultant ash cloud has drifted over the UK causing the majority of flights to be cancelled.

We can not see this ash at the moment in the UK because it is a very fine powder- it's still sunny and dry BUT it is there and it can cause huge damage to aircraft engines.

So look out Spain - it may be drifting towards you !!

We've no idea how long this problem will last - perhaps days or even longer if there are more eruptions.


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